Consulting Services

For Substance Use Disorder Facilities

Who we are

The Behavioral Management Group Inc. (BMG) was founded by a team of experienced addiction professionals who recognized the need for specialized consulting services in the addiction and substance use disorder treatment industry. We have since grown to become a trusted resource for addiction rehabilitation centers across the country, offering a range of services to help our clients improve their operations and better serve their patients.

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Strategic Program Planning

The Behavioral Management Group (BMG) provides start-up consulting and long-term management services for individuals, investor groups, hospitals and institutions interested in developing residential treatment centers. BMG guides our clients through the research and planning phase through opening the doors and managing your facility.

Operational Program Management

Program development is essential for revamping struggling addiction rehabilitation centers to improve patient outcomes and achieve long-term success. Our process involves a comprehensive review of the facility’s existing programs and services offered, identifying areas for improvement, and developing new strategies to address these areas.

Referral Services

Referral services play a critical role in connecting individuals struggling with addiction to the right addiction rehabilitation centers. These services help patients navigate the complex healthcare system and ensure that they receive the appropriate care and treatment. Referral services for addiction rehabilitation centers can be provided by a variety of organizations.

Schedule a Consulation

We offer customized solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients, taking into account their goals, challenges, and resources.